Apply to be a vendor


Product Regulations

  Products permitted at market include fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy, plants, baked, hot or cold prepared foods, canned foods, body care produced or processed within 75 miles of the Hampshire Mall and crafts produced within 75 miles of the Hampshire Mall. Products produced outside the 75 mile radius of the Hampshire Mall may be included after committee review.

Vendors must submit a preliminary list of expected items to be sold at the market with their application. Vendors must inform the manager when products of a new type are being brought in. It is the manager’s discretion to regulate the admittance of overlapping products. If a vendor is found to have brought in a competing product without the awareness of the manager, it will be the manager’s decision whether that product may continue to be sold.


Prepared Foods

  Vendors selling hot or cold foods, processed foods and other perishable items shall do so in compliance with the requirements of the Hadley Health Department.

Hadley Board of Health Contact:

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