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We accept SNAP & have many  HIP vendors!

Information excerpted from the CISA HIP website. 

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What is HIP?

The Healthy Incentives Program, or HIP, can help you  buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables. When you buy fruits and  vegetables with SNAP at our farmers market, you will earn extra money on  your SNAP/EBT card.  If you have questions about HIP that are not  covered below, or need assistance in another language, call the Project  Bread Food Access Hotline at 1-800-645-8333.

How does HIP work?

SNAP (formerly Food Stamp) dollars spent on eligible  fruits and vegetables will earn HIP up to a maximum monthly benefit  based on the size of your household. You must buy from participating  farms to earn HIP – you can not earn HIP by shopping at a grocery store.  You will need to spend SNAP on fruits and vegetables to earn HIP. The  benefit is added directly back to your SNAP/EBT card and can be used  towards any future SNAP eligible purchase.

What is the maximum HIP benefit I can earn each month?

Depending on the size of your household, you can earn up to an additional:

  • $40 for 1-2 member households
  • $60 for 3-5 member households
  • $80 for 6+ member households

per month on top of your regular monthly benefits.

Our SNAP/HIP vendors


  • Apex Orchards
  • Atlas Farm
  • Wingate Farm
  • Roundhill Orchards


Chase Hill 

@Market Table: 

Debit your EBT card at the market table in exchange for tokens.  Tokens can be used towards breads, meats, cheeses, jams, eggs, vegetables, and fruits.